The API url to request AJAX compatible data is: http(s)://api.dxi.eu/recordings.php?token=... To access all DXI API interfaces, all requests need to have an access token which will authorize requests for a particular account for a fixed period of time. These requests are also restricted to the internet address that requested the token. The token API documentation can be read here. The AJAX API has a number of available functions. The request arguments can all be passed as HTTP POST or GET variables: RESULT If the recording is available the returned data mimetype will be either audio/x-wav or audio/mpeg. If an error occurs the response from the API can be formatted in either JSON or XML format. The default is JSON but this can be modified by the format argument. Example JSON return: {"success":false,"error":"Invalid callid"} Example XML return: <result><success>1</success><error>Invalid callid</error></result> ARGUMENTS The following are arguments required for all requests. Arguments: callid: integer the DXI system callid of the recording. Optional: format: xml or json specify the output format. Defaults to json.